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Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal fitness and nutrition goals.

We provide a great personal training experience in our studio where you can feel confident and at ease working toward your goals. Starting a new fitness program can be a little daunting – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

It takes commitment and passion to change old habits and our approach is comprehensive. You receive the individualized fitness training, nutritional coaching, mind-set strategies and motivation required for results.

Benefit from our knowledge and expert instruction based on 25 years of experience in an energetic, supportive and friendly community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts whose goal is to see results.

Personal / Partner Training

Regularly scheduled private one-on-one and partner training is our primary focus. Clients working with their personal trainer in two or three one-hour sessions a week build healthy, strong and lean bodies. Progress is assessed regularly and the training plan adjusted accordingly. In a few short weeks, you’ll obtain a leaner physique, tightened and toned muscles, improved stamina and increased strength.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is 80% of the process of building a better body. Transform your old eating habits to new eating clean and healthy ones that will last for a lifetime. We provide the coaching, knowledge and accountability necessary for your success.

Our Studio

If you’re finding us after going to a big box gym you’ll notice some pleasant differences:

When you step into Old-School Fitness, you’ll only see people like yourself working out. No intimidation, no stares – only motivation, encouragement and accountability. We’ll make you look good on the outside;  you’ll be healthy on the inside, too.

Training is by appointment so there are no crowds or lines. When you or you and your partner come in for your session, you’ll work the same trainer every time. Our complete attention is devoted to your workout needs.

We use old-school tools (kettlebells, body-weight exercises) that train you to move for real life activities. You’ll learn to use your body as a machine to reach your fitness goals and beyond – we guarantee it.

Your Success

No matter what your fitness and nutrition goals may be, we design individualized programs to help you progress from your current fitness level toward your goals quickly and safely. Whether you’re coming to Old-School Fitness because you want to get in shape or you want to maintain your shape, we’ll design a plan that fits just you!

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